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Dump RAM/Cache?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Lumi_Jay, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Lumi_Jay

    Lumi_Jay Member

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Is there any way to clear the cache of Wysiwyg?
    Working on a heavy document at the moment with alot of CAD imports, I think my cache is pretty full since when I open an empty document, I can see that wyg is already taking 1.2GB of system memory. This clears out on system restart to normal amounts (200-300mb) but won't clear on software restart.
    Much thanks,
  2. roygbiv

    roygbiv Active Member

    Feb 6, 2014
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    The Cast guys will probably tell you to get rid of as many of the imported CAD items as possible. I run into this problem all the time with some huge imports from Rhino, Sketchup, AutoCAD or Cinema4D - I can't have all of these programs at hand, so while cleaning an import can take a long time, it's usually a good idea as the performance is improved.
    That said - the import feature has been improved a lot the last few releases.

    To answer your question - as far as I know, there's no way to dump the cache.
    If the drawing is complex, the performance can be terrible.
  3. Dany

    Dany Super Moderator

    Jan 16, 2014
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    Hi Jay,

    Bo is right: there is no way to do this (nor have I seen the feature in any other application). Are you certain that WYSIWYG is exiting properly and you aren't simply running a second instance? It happens extremely rarely, but WYSIWYG can appear to have closed, when in reality only the application window (i.e. the user interface) has closed, while the process is still active. To check, simply open the Windows Task Manager after the WYSIWYG window has disappeared, and look for the wyg.exe process within its list; if you see it there, select it and then click End Task. Once you've done this, running WYSIWYG again should not require more than 100-200MB of RAM (for an empty file).

    If you require more assistance with this, please email us.


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