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How can I easily import patch info from an EOS console into Wysiwyg R41?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by John Bishop, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. John Bishop

    John Bishop New Member

    Jun 9, 2015
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    I would like to automatically import the patch information from an EOS console into my Wysiwyg Perform R41 file...

    Here’s my typical workflow designing for major opera houses:

    1) I draw my lighting rig in Wysiwyg.
    NB. I add channel numbers to my lights and fixtures while drawing my lighting rig.
    2) I issue my lighting plan to the opera company.
    3) The company’s lighting programmer patches their EOS console.
    4) I receive a lighting plan back from the opera company showing the patch.
    5) I also receive a patched EOS console show file from the programmer.
    6) I then laboriously type the patch info into my Wysiwyg file!!!
    7) I connect Wysiwyg to my EOS Nomad offline editor and pre-program moving light palettes, presets, “looks” and sometimes qs which I transfer back to the EOS console.

    Typing the patch info Wysiwyg is laborious and tedious when working on large rigs, especially when that info has already been inputted by a programmer into the EOS console.

    I would like to ask Wysiwyg to “Patch the rig” and it simply import the patch info from an EOS show file or directly from a connected EOS console. An option to do this automatically upon making a connection with the console would be a great time saver and eliminate the possibility of typos and errors in the Wysiwyg patch.

    It would be great if the EOS console updated the patch info in Wysiwyg Perform dynamically whenever it changes in the EOS console.

    Have I missed how this can be done somewhere in Wysiwyg Perform R41?

    Can this be done now?

    Please note that the patch info is typically not available to me until the rig has been patched in the EOS console so I cannot patch my rig while I am drawing it.

    Please also note that I am not asking for Wysiwyg to patch an EOS console but I am asking for an EOS console to patch Wysiwyg.

    I think Floriaan discussed something like this years ago with Dany but I don’t think I have read of a solution.

    Thank you.
  2. Floriaan

    Floriaan Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2015
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    I think it should be possible to export your EOS show as a CSV file and then import that file into wysiwyg using the File->Import Fixture function from the wireframe CAD view. This described on page 261 of the manual. Last time I tried this with a file from the desk, it didn’t work though.
  3. Dany

    Dany Super Moderator

    Jan 16, 2014
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    Hi John,

    What you have here is a very specific workflow, not one I've heard of until now. (I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with it or anything of the sort, just saying that I did not know that things are done this way.) What I discussed with Floriaan was to make our AutoFocus and AutoPatch protocols available to consoles (including the EOS) by transporting them over the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol -- and this is something we are considering in our near-future plans.

    The short -- and, for now, the only -- answer to your question is that what you are asking about is not possible. I will expand on this in just a moment, but I am curious about something: are the console patches that you receive so extremely complex, that you are unable to, by applying various filters and sorting the Spreadsheet (in DATA mode) to use the "Sequential Data Entry" method to Patch fixtures, instead of typing Patch Addresses individually for each fixture? (This feature is described in the WYSIWYG Reference Guide starting on page 673 -- simply search for to input sequential numerical data.)

    The "direct connection" you are asking for (i.e. EOS to upload and/or update the patch when connected to WYSIWYG) is definitely not possible for the time being. It is by no means impossible to develop such a connection, but it would require ETC to collaborate with CAST on the project: they would have to develop the means to transmit the patch (via OSC or something similar) and we would have to develop the means for WYSIWYG to accept it. If they'd be willing to work with us on this I have no doubt that we'd be able to develop the feature.. if not though, it goes without saying that there's nothing we can do: if the console doesn't have the means to send the patch, there is nothing for WYSIWYG to accept.

    What Floriaan mentioned doesn't work because WYSIWYG's Import Fixtures function was not designed to merge fixture data, but simply to import it. (Therefore, @Floriaan, if you attempted to import a .csv file into a . wyg file to which you already added fixtures, it is quite normal for this not to have had the desired effect--again, because the fixtures from the .csv file would simply have been added to the .wyg file, since that is all that this feature "knows how to do"/was meant to do.) A new feature which will allow data from a .csv (or other spreadsheet) file to merge into the .wyg file is on our list, and will be added as soon as possible.

    I honestly have no way of knowing whether ETC would be willing to work with us on the direct connection.. if they do not, the only way for us to satisfy your request will be to develop the "merge fixtures' data" feature. Until one or both of these happen though, if you haven't used Sequential Data Entry, I do recommend looking into it; I do not know what your patches look like, so I cannot tell you that this will definitely work for you, but there is a good chance that it will, as long as you apply appropriate sorting and filtering to the Spreadsheet.



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