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Release Notes for 2.0.0 BETA

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Marty

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    Feb 27, 2014
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    Release note for 2.0.0 BETA


    IMPORTANT: When updating to BlackTrax v2.0.0 from 1.x, you must first uninstall BlackTrax v1.x before installing v2.0.0. An upgrade will not work successfully as defined in the update instruction document. This can be done with the v1.x installer; once run it will prompt you to remove BlackTrax. Follow the steps to remove BlackTrax, then copy the new installer into the Installation Management folder and upgrade as per normal. As BlackTrax will be installing new, please ensure the installer installs for all users on the machine.

    As this is a BETA, please be mindful of possible bugs and unexpected behavior. Please report all bugs to support@blacktrax.ca.

    When upgrading from v1.x, all application settings will be re-set to defaults – if you changed any default settings please verify each application to ensure your system is still configured correctly. Please see the link to the full release notes below for more information.

    There is a new licensing security system used to authorize hardware devices with the BTServer. Please be sure to download the required license files and follow the instructions found here. Note that for this release, your system will only warn you if your license is invalid, but will not prevent access to any features or functionally.

    Dongle Date Requirement:

    August 4[SUP]th[/SUP] 2015

    Major changes:

    • All new GUI design across BlackTrax, Tracker, and Follower with a fullscreen mode for BlackTrax and new simpler basic mode for Tracker and Follower
    • Brand new Fixture Calibration mode
      • Multi-person calibration
      • Zoom, iris, colour, and gobo control (zoom and iris are controllable, colour is changed to white, and gobo is cleared automatically)
      • Modify fixture positions in BT directly without needing to change the BTWYG file
      • Improved calibration solver with more accurate results
      • Better reporting of calibration progress
      • Ability to jump to a specific fixture from the GUI without needed the beacon buttons to cycle through
      • Auto-calibration automatically calibrates when deleting points
    • Rigid and soft frames for more flexible tracking operations and objects
    • Apply changes no longer resets fixture positions
    • Unified multi-fixture settings and the ability to quickly view, select and apply settings to several fixtures from across multiple chapters
    • Copy and paste trackables and fixtures between chapters and within chapters (if applicable)
    • Ability to create a new BlackTrax Project without first requiring BTWYG information
    • Send BTWYG changes directly to BT without needed to export a .btx file

    Secondary Applications:
    Motive: 1.8.23633

    Compatible with RTTrP Versions:

    For full release notes, please visit this link: Release Notes
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