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Release Notes for 2.0.3 Release Candidate

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Marty

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    Feb 27, 2014
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    Release note for 2.0.3 Release Candidate


    We have now entered Release Candidate, so although more stable than the BETAs, please be mindful of any possible bugs and unexpected behavior. Please report all bugs to support@blacktrax.ca.

    When upgrading from any previous version of BlackTrax (including the BETAs), all application settings will be re-set to defaults - If you changed any default settings please verify each application to ensure your system is still configured correctly (this includes Tracker’s beacon list).

    There is a new licensing security system used to authorize hardware devices with the BTServer. Please be sure to download the required license files and follow the instructions found here.

    IMPORTANT: We have now enabled the security system, which means if an invalid license is detected the system will no longer receive position information until a valid license is updated.

    Mini Beacons are still in the prototype stage, and not available for purchase as of this release. You may only create up to 256 Mini Beacons in the software currently.

    Dongle Date Requirement:

    August 4th 2015

    Major changes:
    • Added support for Mini Beacons
    • Motive and BTWYG can now be launched from the Main GUI with all default settings ready to go (these will only work for new projects)
      • A new BTWYG template with 12 universes pre-patched is also now included
    • Messages is less intrusive and can be set to only show for warnings and errors
    • Lots of bug fixes, particularly in Follower and fixture control
    • Frame improvements, including auto-applying centroid and orientation offsets, multi-select LEDs and Beacons, easier ways to add, move, and delete LEDs from a Frame, clone Frames, and more
    • Turn off Fixture Calibration’s colour, gobo, and prism control to return control back to the console
    • Improvements to the installer (BlackTrax System Update) to be faster and more intelligent
    Known issues:
    • When a recording is stopped in Motive with the Edit Tools window open, Motive will crash
    • Motive reconstruction bounds are inverted on the X axis (minimum X actually affects the maximum X)
    • Queued fixtures in fixture calibration release their colour, gobo, and prism and all fixtures release when zoom/iris is changed
    • LED Tabs in Beacon Patch don’t show proper Y and Z values for beacons’ LEDs
    • Chapter programming information for fixtures will be lost if you re-patch a fixture to a different universe (within the same universe is okay)

    Secondary Applications:
    Motive: (Build 23633)

    Compatible with RTTrP Versions:

    For full release notes, please visit this link: Release Notes.
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