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Short wish-list

Discussion in 'wysiwyg' started by lightismagic, May 5, 2014.

  1. lightismagic

    lightismagic New Member

    Feb 5, 2014
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    After a week full of workshops with networking tools, I would have a short wish-list of some features I would like to see in Wysiwyg:
    #1. A new column in Data mode with the "Mode" the fixture is set to, i.e. "Standard" or "Extended" for Martin fixtures, or the "Direct", "HSI", HSIC" and so on for ETC fixtures. This should also be able to switched on or off in the fixture tooltips.
    #2. The ability to stream sACN - (streaming ACN) - directly into Wysiwyg.
    #3. A function that mimics RDM. I know this is tricky because of the missing RDM ID.. but great to have...

    Tommi Bernhardt
  2. Dany

    Dany Administrator
    Staff Member

    Jan 16, 2014
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    Hi Tommi,

    I only just now realized that you asked these here as well. Here are the answers that I sent to you in reply to the email you sent me--posting them here for everyone's benefit:

    The "Fixture Mode/Options" column for DATA mode is on high on our list of priorities, but I am not sure if we will be able to add it to Release 33.. if not though, it will definitely come to Release 34; incidentally, this is when sACN is scheduled to be added as well. :) As for RDM, it is something we researched together with ACN, but ACN won.. this is not to say that we will not add RDM, but it is not yet planned for a specific Release.

    And actually, I am happy to announce that the "Fixture Mode/Option" column has been added to Release 33 (post-BETA), both in DATA Spreadsheets and in PRES Reports, so please look for it there.



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