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Track/Flybar legend

Discussion in 'wysiwyg' started by Floriaan, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Floriaan

    Floriaan Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2015
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    I would like to propose a new legend item in Cad Mode, that you can insert in the same way as a linear scale. It serves as a legend for your flybars with information that is already available in Wyg.
    I would like to insert a legend where you can choose to display one or more of the following items:
    - Lighting position name (from the position manager)
    - X distance from origin
    - height
    - weight
    - number of fixtures

    The result could look similar to the attached plot from the Cats revival by Natasha Katz.
    I wonder what other people think of this idea. Any suggestions?

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