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  1. Paul Moss
    Paul Moss
    Getting back in the swing of it :)
  2. Paul Moss
    Paul Moss Jason Gardash
    Hey Jason, it's Moose. I have some questions regarding recommendations for a new pre-vis machine as mine (at 6yrs+ old) is getting a little dated and I have a decent project coming up where I'm being hired to specifically pre-vis. I've posted in the tech support area but was wondering if you had any thoughts?
    1. Jason Gardash
      Jason Gardash
      Hey Moose,
      lol yea. I will say wyg in office computers are older. they don't officially have a GTX card yet. (shhh I didn't say that out loud)
      I'll send you a message via FB as I'm on there more than here.
      I can give a fair bit into specs for pre - viz since I basically just do that now. and the whole MVR GDTF thing. and helping Dany intergrade all that into Wyg.
      Jan 19, 2022
      Paul Moss likes this.
  3. Torp
    Software engineer by profession, I am very enthusiastic to learn new tech and love using it.
  4. Dany
    On vacation..
  5. Dany
    On vacation
  6. Mike D.
  7. Mike D.
    Mike D.
    Hi, Not sure how to post a question on here...How can I get my fixtures to show O/W rather than being just blank?
    1. darren powell
      darren powell
      Hello Mike,

      It’s possible to control this via the Defaults [under Options>Document options>Fixture Data] - there’s a drop down column from which you can select defaults
      If I’ve misunderstood what you are wanting to achieve please send an email to Tech Support explaining further.
      Aug 17, 2021
  8. michael.vandenberg
    Producing events with technical excellence
  9. LLOYD
    What's up guys, i have a lot of questions to ask, regarding the, video manager, i wont play my video in AVI or MP4 format, please help
  10. LLOYD
    HEllo guys, just wanna ask if wysiwyg has any option to move the object along the line? thanks
  11. Sultan
    Hi, Dears!
  12. J.D.
    Has anybody had their dongle just go dark all of a sudden?
  13. gior
    gior NickF
    NickF, not download arhive((( can you send me the archive directly? thanks in advance)))) Djmeshok@mail.ru - my mail)
  14. gior
    gior NickF
    NickF, not download arhive((( can you send me the archive directly? thanks in advance)))) Djmeshok@mail.ru - my mail)
  15. Nina Agelvis
    Nina Agelvis
    Hello! My name is Nina Agelvis and I am a Third Year MFA student in CCM. I am mainly a Vectorworks draftsman and is trying to learn Wisywyg.
  17. NickF
    Touring lighting operator for Machine de Cirque
  18. jose rojo
    jose rojo
    What application do you recommend to see 360 degree photos
  19. Nicolas Valette
    Nicolas Valette
    Problem with R40 after windows update , i read "Sentinel key not found (H0007) , any solution for that ? Than you all !
  20. NickF
    Projection technologist at Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity