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How to Reauthorize (and why does this need to be done)?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Dany, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Dany

    Dany Administrator
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    Jan 16, 2014
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    *** The CAST Software Technical Support Department CANNOT provide Reauthorization Validation Codes to customers ***

    You must generate the Reauthorization Validation Code on your own. To start the Reauthorization procedure, click the Members Area or Online button in the Reauthorization window that appears when running WYSIWYG; simply logging in to the Members Only Area of the CAST Software website will not allow you to Reauthorize. A connection to the Internet is required in order for Reauthorization to complete. On the chance that you are unable to see the code (and the instructions for how to apply it) on our website after you complete the procedure, an email containing the same information will be sent to you, at the email address recorded in our database; in case you do not receive this email, it may have been filtered to your "junk mail" folder, so you may retrieve it from there.

    The full Reauthorization procedure is described in the "Reauthorization" section of the WYSIWYG Reference Guide; the Reference Guide is installed together with WYSIWYG by default, and accessible from the Windows Start menu by clicking All Apps (or All Programs), then CAST Software (and then the WYSIWYG folder). The same procedure is described in the Tech Resources area of our website, here.

    Should Reauthorization fail, please simply read the failure message presented to you, as it contains complete instructions for what to do in order to proceed. Most failures are caused by the fact that a Membership Renewal or an Upgrade Code was not applied to the dongle after having been purchased. The aforementioned instructions explain how to retrieve such a code and how to apply it, after which Reauthorization will process successfully.

    For more information about the Reauthorization program (why it is in place and why it is important), please read the article at: http://www.cast-soft.com/tech-resource/view/reauthorization-explained-.


    - If the computer where WYSIWYG is running is not connected to the Internet, you will have to install WYSIWYG on another computer which is connected, plug the dongle in there, Reauthorize it, and then plug the dongle back into the first computer.

    - It is strongly recommended that Reauthorization is performed as soon as it is requested by WYSIWYG (starting 30 days before the Reauthorization Expiry Date) instead of waiting until the last minute or until after the Expiry Date has passed; this will provide a chance to resolve any potential Reauthorization problems before the dongle shuts itself down and you are no longer able to use the software (which, as stated in the article above, happens once the Reauthorization Expiry Date has passed).

    - While a previously-used Reauthorization Validation Code may be accepted by WYSIWYG, it will not Reauthorize the dongle correctly. As such, a new Reauthorization Validation Code must be generated every time WYSIWYG requests it. This is done by following the Online Reauthorization procedure every time.

    - For WYSIWYG Learn/Network dongles, Reauthorization must be performed from the computer where the dongle is plugged in; it is impossible to Reauthorize from a remote workstation. If the computer hosting the dongle does not have WYSIWYG installed (i.e. only the WYSIWYG Network Server), please unplug the dongle from this computer, plug it into any computer where WYSIWYG is installed and which is connected to the Internet, Reauthorize the dongle, and then move it back to the computer where it is normally/usually plugged in. (To run WYSIWYG Learn with the dongle plugged into the local computer, please continue to choose the 'Network' product type and then the 'Learn' product level.)

    - If you happen to own multiple dongles (i.e. one for WYSIWYG and one for Vivien), please ensure that only the one requesting Reauthorization is plugged during the Reauthorization procedure. (At all other times, you may keep both dongles plugged in.)
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