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Release Notes for 1.5 Final Release (1.8.3)

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note of 1.5 Final (1.8.3)


    This is the final release of BlackTrax version 1.5. This version addresses several bugs and usability concerns as well as adding some polish to existing features. We are currently in the process of personally updating our users to the latest server management policy (which allows our users to update BlackTrax themselves), which means CAST will be involved in helping our users to update to this release. After all users are updated, we will post the final version here as well as all future versions of BlackTrax.

    Major changes:

    • Bug fixes
    • Ability to resort fixture calibration table to original order
    • Ability to export fixture calibration data to third parties via an .xml file
    It is compatible with and

    Known issues:

    Features and fixes:


    • Fixed: Save project uses the wrong path as the default save location
    • Fixed: Simulator should output frame ID
    • Fixed: Router freezes after an undermentioned amount of time
    • Fixed: Fixture Pan/Tilt Minimum and Maximum Not Determined by Calibration in all Cases
    • Fixed: Incoming selection of a fixture from BTWYG selects the wrong fixture in the fixture calibration page and the chapters page
    • Fixed: Currently selected chapter un-selects itself in the chapter page after user hits save project
    • Fixed: Calibration parameters disappear on re-selection
    • Fixed: Right clicking on Tracking Adapter exe file does not display version details
    • Fixed: BlackTrax about page was editable
    Design Review

    • Window Title Bar for BTWYG changed from "wysiwyg" to "BlackTrax WYSIWYG"
    • 'RTTrP Output' renamed to 'RTTrPM Output' to correspond with latest RTTrPM Installer release changes
    • New icons for Simulator and Tracking Adapter

    • Re-designed BlackTrax About Page to now display build number
    • Proper Battery Status Reporting
    • When auto calibration is selected in the GUI, residual threshold should be ignored
    • Residual threshold is now hidden (calibration decides value)
    • Remove prediction settings from Fixture Calibration
    New Feature

    • Ability for Tracker to select between Motive SDK 2.6 and 2.7 (and more moving forward) - Default should be 2.6 unless directed by CAST
    • Export fixture calibration data in XML format (for third party use only, an exported XML file can not be re-imported into BlackTrax)
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