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Release Notes for

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note of
    Major changes:

    • Create fixture train effect through command line in the "Chapters" Page
    • Bugs fixed in the Tracking Adapter for incorrect output
    • Improved battery report status in the main GUI

    • Main GUI configuration file is not compatible with previous versions, otherwise compatible with
    Known issues:

    • The command line can be accessed via the "Terminal" tab on the left side of the "Chapters" page, next to the "Project Settings" tab. This tab can be detached from the main window and attached to either the top or the bottom of the chapters page, or as a floating widget.
      There is currently only one command supported by this command line, and it is the "delay" command. The delay command can be used to create a "train" for user-specified fixtures. The syntax of the delay command is this:
      delay -fixtures=fixList -start=startTime -step=stepTime
      where fixList is a comma-delimited list of ranges of fixtures identified by their fixture ID (which is unique), startTime is the amount of delay time we want to apply to the first fixture on the train in milliseconds, and stepTime is the time we want to increase the delay by with each successive fixture in the train (also in milliseconds). An example is this:
      delay -fixtures=1,9-16,81-77 -step=100 -start=150​
      The above incarnation of the command is telling BlackTrax to apply the delay train on fixtures 1, fixtures 9 through 16 inclusive, and fixtures 81 through 77 inclusive, in that order, with step time 100ms and start time 150ms. Thus, fixture 1 will have delay 150ms, fixture 9 will have delay 150ms + 100ms = 250ms, and so on.
    Features and fixes:

    • [BTX-814] - Proper Battery Status Reporting
    • [BTX-916] - AutoSpot Mode's setting are not visible
    • [BTX-920] - When in imperial mode, Y and Z do not show values in Calibration Mode
    • [BTX-922] - Old Battery status of beacon disappears when a new beacon is added to the Tracker list
    Design Review

    • [BTX-910] - Case Sensitive is not needed for trackable searching/filtering
    New Feature

    • [BTX-744] - Frozen - Easy way to create a 'train'
    • [BTX-829] - Add Command Line to Chapters Page for GUI
    Story Bug

    • [BTX-824] - Floating Point Big Endianness Not Set Correctly in Packet
    • [BTX-825] - Euler Order Incorrect for Big/Little Endian Integer Format
    • [BTX-826] - Acceleration and Velocity For X and Z Directions Swapped

    • [BTX-913] - Distinguish the apply settings checkbox from the feature option checkboxes in batch apply
    • [BTX-914] - Rename 'Apply Settings' to 'Multi Fixture Settings'

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