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Release Notes for

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note of
    Major changes:

    • Ability to detect collision between beams and zones
    • Removed the startup .exes from the installer

    • This version is not compatible with previous BlackTrax versions. Do not mix using different version of BlackTrax.exe, Tracker.exe, Follower.exe.
    • Project files created in cannot be opened in any previous versions. However, previous project versions can be opened with
    Known issues:

    • A variant to the delay train command has been added, with the following syntax:
      delay -span=spanTime -fixtures=fixList
      where spanTime the total amount of time we want the train to span and the fixList is the comma delimited list of fixture ranges (exactly the same fixList as the older delay command. Note that you cannot use the span option and the start/step option at the same time. A warning will be issued.

    Features and fixes:
    • [BTX-938] - Zone URI is displayed rather than an error indication when BTX file is updated and zones no longer exist
    • [BTX-781] - Improve CSM to support better debugging output
    • [BTX-909] - Implement the sorting feature for calibrated fixtures in calibration mode
    • [BTX-921] - Remove the startup .exes from the installer
    [h=2]New Feature[/h]
    • [BTX-940] - Zone name in fixture property tab always shows the last zone by dragging and dropping
    [h=2]Story Bug[/h]
    • [BTX-944] - Cannot Apply Negative Offsets in Multi-Fixture Settings
    • [BTX-871] - Extend zones to support beam size in addition to the trackable location
    • [BTX-936] - Build in a command for total span time of a delay
    • [BTX-939] - Ability of beam colliding with zone detection

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