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Release Notes for

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note of
    Major changes:

    • New calibration
    • Zone features

    • It is compatible with firmware version 2.7.1.x and 2.7.0.x.
    • Due to calibration data and zone data structure changes, this version is compatible with preview versions only. Do not mix using different version of BlackTrax.exe, Tracker.exe, Follower.exe as well as BT WYG
    • Please use WYG
    • btprj files and calibration files are compatible with preview versions only. As always, newer version of BlackTrax can load older version of btprj files.
    Known issues:
    Not all zone features are working properly especially during chapter switching. It will be handled in next version.
    WYG does not react to new calibration parameters

    Features and fixes:

    • [BTX-808] - Ability to Calibrate Intrinsic Fixture Parameters (DMX to/from Motor Angle)
    • [BTX-909] - Implement the sorting feature for calibrated fixtures in calibration mode
    • [BTX-921] - Remove the startup .exes from the installer
    [h=2]New Feature[/h]
    • [BTX-780] - Follower re-factoring for Zone /Trigger Point
    • [BTX-809] - Ability to Change Fixture Placement Parameters in the Calibration GUI
    • [BTX-810] - Add a column that displays which trackable a fixture was assigned to in the chapters page.
    • [BTX-475] - Implement Zones into GUI
    • [BTX-819] - GUI of zone control
    • [BTX-945] - If beam collision is selected and no beam size is set, the GUI should alert the user
    • [BTX-946] - Fading in and fading out of zone

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