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Release Notes for 1.8.4

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note for 1.8.4


    Motive has changed their coordinate system from a left hand coordinate to a right hand coordinate system. BlackTrax will convert the coordinate system automatically back to a left hand coordinate system for use with third party clients to maintain system compatibility. No change should be noticed, and you may set the ground plane in the same orientation as before. We still ask however that you please verify all connecting technologies to BlackTrax (lighting, multimedia, etc) due to this change.

    In Tracker, please use Motive SDK 2.7 for this version of Motive.

    Dongle Date Requirement:

    November 4 2014

    Major changes:

    • New coordinate system in Motive (converted automatically, not noticeable to downstream technologies)

    Known issues:

    • When a recording is stopped in Motive with the Edit Tools window open, Motive will crash
    • Recordings taken in Motive are played back with the X coordinate being reversed (+X becomes -X) - this will be fixed in a future version
    • When a camera drops out of the network and rejoins, it will lose its calibrated position until the .cal or .ttp file is re-loaded


    Secondary Applications:

    Compatible with RTTrP Versions:


    Features and fixes:



      • Fixed: Tracking Adapter outputs correct orientation from Simulator.
      • Fixed: BlackTrax no longer crashes when a command is entered into the terminal with no chapter selected first.
      • Fixed: Fixture calibration using the Pan/Tilt Sliders work as expected and calibration is successful using this method.
      • Fixed: BTWYG keyboard shortcuts now work as expected.
      • Fixed: Cameras sometimes getting set to the wrong video mode after File/New Project.
      • Fixed: Hovering over the Presets box in the Camera pane causing cameras to switch to that preset.
      • Fixed: Timestamps (Frame IDs) correctly report and no longer skip values.
    New Feature

      • New Motive calibration engine that provides much faster and more accurate camera calibrations. Calibrations will typically take a tenth of the time required previously, can calibrate hundreds of cameras together, and yield much better marker reconstruction quality.
      • New Motive take file format that utilizes data streaming, allowing very long take recordings limited only by available hard drive space. Take files load and keep only what is needed in memory, so even very large take files can be edited smoothly.
      • Reconstruction settings can be saved independently and easily managed through the Reconstruction pane.
      • Added support for the new Slim 13E camera.

      • Takes are only saved when explicitly saved, or when the project file is saved, allowing multiple takes to remain resident in memory for fast switching between takes.
      • Added support for fast "soft" rebooting of Prime Series cameras that is utilized during Motive startup and shutdown.
      • Cameras can be disabled for calibration, for cameras that may be occluded or unneeded for a particular camera or stage setup.
      • Motive UI layout is no longer saved in project files and loading project files will not affect UI layout.

    Design Review

      • Tracking Adapter's acceleration and velocity options have been re-organized to be more clear.
      • The Motive Calibration pane has been completely reorganized and automated. The display of information has been revised to make it more clear and useful.
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