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Release Notes for 2.0.4

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Marty, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Release note for 2.0.4


    When upgrading from any previous version of BlackTrax (including the BETAs), all application settings will be re-set to defaults - If you changed any default settings please verify each application to ensure your system is still configured correctly (this includes Tracker’s beacon list).

    There is a new licensing security system used to authorize hardware devices with the BTServer. Please be sure to download the required license files and follow the instructions found here.

    IMPORTANT: We have now enabled the security system, which means if an invalid license is detected the system will no longer receive position information until a valid license is updated.

    Dongle Date Requirement:
    August 4th 2015

    Major changes:
    • Reporting of individual LED states in table view in Live View
    • New stale/fresh indicator for beacon radios to inform how recent radio communication is between the beacon and the server
    • Battery reporting now averages raw beacon voltage and improves logic for battery ‘jumpiness’ to display more accurate battery levels
    • Most recent file is automatically loaded upon GUI boot up
    • System Configuration has been re-designed to be more organized
    Known issues:
    • When a recording is stopped in Motive with the Edit Tools window open, Motive will crash
    • Motive reconstruction bounds are inverted on the X axis (minimum X actually affects the maximum X)

    Secondary Applications:
    Motive: (Build 23633)

    Compatible with RTTrP Versions:

    Features and Fixes:

    • Fixed: Rare GUI crash when you would switch between Book Mode types and toggle different chapters
    • Fixed: Rare GUI crash when renaming Trackables more than once
    • Fixed: Queued fixtures in Fixture Calibration mode no longer release their perimeters back to the console
    • Fixed: Recover show would sometimes force Normal/Calibration Mode to toggle to the other mode every time Apply Changes was pressed
    • Fixed: Assigning beacons while sorting by Spot ID in Fixture Calibration view would result in only half of the selected fixtures being correctly assigned
    • Fixed: Removed dual borders for the checkboxes on a fixture’s calibration point
    • Fixed: LED tabs in Beacon Patch and Live View’s icon view were not updating Y and Z values correctly
    • Fixed: Chapters and Books were not locked out while in Fixture Calibration Mode
    • Fixed: Re-ordering the active chapter will no longer result in the active chapter changing
    • Fixed: Re-patching a fixture to a different universe (but maintain the same spot ID) no longer results in the fixture becoming ‘unknown’
    • Fixed: Local Dampening and Z-Dampening changes would not update in real time when you were actively in the chapter you were editing
    • Fixed: When starting the GUI in full screen mode, the GUI would become stuck in a half windowed, half full screen state when attempting to exit full screen mode
    • Fixed: Beacon widget would always start on the ‘Mini’ tab instead of the ‘Beacon’ tab when the GUI was first launched
    • Fixed: Frame offset interval setting was not being saved when the GUI was re-booted
    • Fixed: Frame construction mis-match warning was not saving when the GUI was rebooted
    • Fixed: Removed bolded headings on several additional widgets
    • Fixed: Fixture settings would not always be displayed on a Fixture in icon view until you toggle the fixture setting display
    New Feature
    • Live View’s table now displays individual LED visible statuses per LED in addition to the centroid making it much easier view which Trackables and LEDs are visible
      • Note: Mini Beacons, Rigid and Soft Frames do not support this functionality
    • Brought back the stale radio indicator from v1 with further improvements
      • Simplified the reporting to two states ‘Fresh’ or ‘Stale’
      • When the beacon communicates to the server via radio data, that beacon’s radio status will become ‘Fresh’
      • Added a configurable timer in System Configuration, under Beacons to set how much time must pass without hearing new radio data before the status becomes ‘Stale’
      • Note: Default time is 60 seconds
      • This status can be viewed two places
        • Live View’s table view in the new Radio column; red is stale and blue is fresh
        • Live View’s icon view / Beacon Patch will now turn the button icon red when the radio is stale (white means fresh)
      • Note: Mini Beacons, Rigid and Soft Frames do not support this functionality
    • The GUI will automatically attempt to launch the most recent project file upon startup
      • If the most recent project file cannot be found, the template project will be loaded
      • This setting can be turned off in System Configuration, under Editing
    • BlackTrax will now alert the user if an unsupported fixture is received from BTWYG
      • Unsupported fixtures include any fixture that BlackTrax cannot correctly control due to unique or custom DMX parameters (Zoom modifiers for example)
      • Unsupported fixtures may result in Follower crashing when those fixtures are controlled; this is intended behavior to prevent collisions on the network
      • If you receive this message, please remove those fixtures from your file and contact CAST for updated library files
    • A new column in Fixture Calibration View has been added to display if the beacon selected for the fixture is actively seen or not (same display as in Live View)
    • Control how often a Frame’s battery will update in the System Configuration widget under Beacons
      • Note: Lowest contributing beacon’s battery will be displayed
    • Battery status is now more accurate and does not jump around
      • Raw voltage from the beacon is now averaged out before being displayed
      • The battery can no longer jump higher than the previous percentage unless battery has increased significantly from charging
      • Control how many battery packets are to be averaged in System Configuration, under Beacons
        • By default, the four most recent packets received will be averaged, resulting in the battery being updated approximately every two minutes, depending on radio conditions
        • Note: Beacons with IMU enabled will update very quickly as the averaging is based on packets, not time
    • New BlackTrax projects automatically start with a chapter, meaning once WYG information is supplied, no additional work is needed to apply changes
    • Creation of up to 321 Mini Beacons is now possible
    • Mini Beacon creation widget has been changed to be a text box inside the Beacon widget
    • Trackable tab in Library widget no longer sorts automatically when renaming Trackables, making it easier to rename several Trackables at once
    • Live View’s table/icon dropdown setting now saves its value when the GUI is restarted
    • Smarter logic of what is considered to be the ‘same project’ when recovering a show resulting in less false recoveries
    Design Review
    • Re-designed System Configuration widget with tabs organizing each set of settings
      • System Configuration terminology has been updated and clarified
    • Minus and Trash symbols have been swapped around to follow the logic of:
      • Minus symbol means something is removed but not deleted from the project or show but can be recovered/re-added
      • Trash symbol means something is being permanently deleted from the project or show and cannot be recovered/re-added
    • New projects are now called ‘Template Project’ by default
    • Beacon ID has been renamed to Frame ID in the Frame Calibration table
    • The duplicate Mini Beacon error message has been cleaned up for easier readability
    • Tooltip updates
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