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WYSIWYG R46: Status Update

Discussion in 'wysiwyg' started by Dany, Feb 4, 2021.

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to provide an update regarding R46, let you know why it’s been delayed, and when you may expect it. The main reason for this (aside from the pandemic, which has greatly impacted our release timeline) is the development of MVR importing, which is the first phase of the MVR import/export project we announced in September, 2020; this is taking longer than anticipated.

    Before we get to that though, we should let you know that the first Beta of R46 was released mid-December. It included, as also promised for R46, Shaded View performance improvements, exporting of 3D models with textures to the GLTF format, improved visualization for “tube”- and “strip”-style fixtures, a number of other improvements and bug fixes, and, as usual, a large amount of new fixtures and other libraries. The feedback we received for it was very positive, and we look forward to receiving the same for R46 Beta 2, which is due shortly and will include MVR importing.

    MVR’s goal is to create compatibility between different applications that have each been developed individually over many years and therefore have their own unique workflows, object properties, etc. Central to this goal is the ability to translate various objects between different applications such that they (a) work as such objects once imported, and (b) continue to be such objects once exported. Once this is achieved by multiple applications that support MVR, MVR will be amazing to work with, and, we believe, will unify the lighting industry in ways reminiscent of Art-Net!

    A perfect example of this is the different ways in which VectorWorks and WYSIWYG developed fixtures: with MVR, changes to fixtures (such as operation mode or lens) in one application must be “perfectly reflected” in the other (through MVR exports and imports); developing such compatibilities simply takes time – as this is vastly more complex than, for example, updating the texture on a surface or changing the size of that surface.

    In WYSIWYG, MVR imports will be processed via a Wizard, which will allow users to choose the type of objects to import and to define how these should be processed. Attached is a preliminary list of entities that will import. Our aim with R46 is to perfect MVR importing to the point where if the purpose of an import is to pre-program the show in WYSIWYG, all that should be required once the import completes, is to insert the console, connect, and… well, that’s it! (Naturally, this assumes that the incoming fixtures are patched as needed.) Alternatively, if the goal of the import is to pre-visualize, this will be as easy as switching to DESIGN mode, selecting fixtures and affecting them with the Designer Tools.

    Considering all this, we hope you understand the delay, and we thank you for this and for your patience. We are looking to release R46 in the second half of March.


    Dany Tancou
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